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Ludovic is more creative than Tarantino-on-speed!

I met him at the opening party of one of his exhibitions in Bangkok and was totally impressed with his work. We design tables and I wanted him to come up with a creative concept for a shoot, other than the find-a-beautiful-girl-put-her-in-a-beautiful-home-surrounded-by-other-beautiful-people-enjoying-beautiful- food-whilst-sipping-on-beautiful-wine....
He delivered! check
He stayed within the budget, delivered in time and his work keeps to impress my clients and friends.
I hate he moved back to France....

Pieter Compernol - Grusenmeyer

Founder - Creative Director at P. Tendercool Ltd


Harper’s Bazaar
Ogilvy Action & Purina
Philippe Starck’s Team
Ptendercool Design
Native Union
+ more

- Visions Are Worth Fighting For - 

Ludovic cazeba mixing genres and set up creative works inspired by his advertising, populist and urban culture, alternating his work as photographer between some surreal & fashion scene layouts and urban landscapes photography across different countries.

This singular writing give him access to mult iple collaborat ions with advertising agencies, such as ogilvy & mather, magazines such as harper’s bazaar, publications in wall paper, world of interiors...and as well some collaborations with designers, luxury brand and his participation to several charitable projects.

His insightful signat ure and his unconventional world, have enabled him to be rewarded and recognized internationally in competitions such as the internat ional photo awards and exhibitions as art monaco , miami river art fair, photo art asia ...)

Exhibitions & Representations

Photo Art Asia 2009 / Eckhart Gallery " Rotterdam & La Hague" 2009-2012  /  Miami River Art Fair 2012 / Art Monaco 2013 / GRK Gallery 2012-2018

Several collaborations integrating different works & collections with interior design companies and distributors

Interior Design: Maciag Associates X Studio Co.,Ltd. / PIA Interior & Associates Co.,Ltd. / Prospect Design International Dubaï  / The Design House by Susan Nicole Thompson

Hotels: Sofitel Saigon / Fenix Mercure Samui / Fenix Mercure Bangkok / Treasure Resort Sentosa Singapore / The venetian Macau Casino

Ditributors: CM Creation / CMC Premium / Cobra Art / /

Resellers: Leroy Merlin / Fly / Alinea / Cuir Center / Confo Déco / Atlas / Castorama / Meubles Gautier / XXL Maison…


Born in nantes (west of france) grew up there - studied gardening - conscripted - chocolate factory manager - humm - quit - became a dj - moved to paris - studied as a sound engineer at sae - bye bye grandma - bye bernadine - stopped being a dj & gave up night life -turned over a new leaf - i love you grandma ....

Sold my sampler - bought my fm2 - met deborah - travelled to canada - ticket to ny (thanks debbie) - took my first pictures there - wow ny - ok i will be a photographer - self taught - met pat - tourists shoot - bought the godar flash - dancers + choregraphers + bands shoot - surreal fashion (kind of) shoot- first exhibit "365 & 1/2 of my photos

 moved to thailand - met mitch webber at ogilvy  - embraced advertising / creative concept & art direction -  the yamu by philippe starck shoot - which one for your bathroom exhibit - charity project in cambodian shoot - won my first awards (ad + charity) - was proud - surreal vision exhibit @ bed supperclub -  hello eckhart gallery - loving life - photo asia exhibit - travels - ogilvy scad purina the calendar  + exhibit - worked & met great people - bye bye bangkok

Back to france - hello paris - creative shots for designers - sign up with golan rouzkhosh - set up licensing projects -  quick go/back to thailand - met hossein farmani - thanks pierre maciag - set up the brand leon le baron - hi london & milan - miami river art fair -  wow japan at last - art monaco - 21 days in us - iceland -  currently living in front of the sea in carnac - busy & hair up - love life & enjoy it